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Scientists claim breakthrough in cell treatment : British scientists have achieved a remarkable breakthrough in the transformation of human cells that paves the way for a new range of treatments for a variety of medical conditions. They demonstrated creation of a system that predicts how to create any human cell type from another cell type directly, without the need for experimental trial and error. The ability to produce numerous types of human cells will lead directly to tissue therapies of all kinds, to treat conditions from arthritis to macular degeneration, to heart disease, the findings revealed.

Mr. Julian Gough, professor at the University of Bristol said that this represents a significant breakthrough in regenerative medicine and paves the way for life-changing medical advances within a few years from now and the possibility in the longer term of improving the quality of longer lives as well as making them longer. The fuller understanding, at the molecular level of cell production leading on from this, may allow the researchers to grow whole organs from somebody’s own cells, the findings, published in Nature Genetics, showed. Pluripotent stem cells, that can give rise to all of the cell types that make up the body, can be used to treat many different medical conditions and diseases. The researchers tested two new human cell conversions, and succeeded first time for both. The speed with which this was achieved suggests Mogrify, a system that predicts how to create any human cell type from any other cell type directly, will enable the creation of a great number of human cell types in the lab.

Scientists find new method to deliver Anaesthesia : The US scientists have found a new method to’ deliver anaesthesia using a tiny electric current instead of a needle. The advance could help improve dental procedures and avoid contamination and infection, researchers said. Renata Fonseca Vianna Lopez, from the University of Sao Paulo said that needle-free administration could save costs, improve patient compliance, facilitate application and decrease the risks of intoxication and contamination. Dentists often have to carry out invasive and painful procedures in the mouth and use anaesthetics to minimise their discomfort. However, many patients are extremely afraid of these injections, resulting in them postponing and even cancelling visits to the dentist.


Iran : Iran was recendy in news after European Union and the US lifted oil and financial sanctions which were imposed on the country and released roughly $100 billion of its assets after international inspectors concluded that the country had followed through on promises to dismantle large sections of its nuclear programme. Coinciding with the scrapping of the sanctions, Tehran also announced the release of five Americans as part of a prisoner swap with the United States. Together, the lifting of sanctions and the prisoner deal will considerably reduce the hostility between Tehran and Washington that has shaped the Middle East since Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979.

Ranchi, Jharkhand : The largest Indian national flag on the tallest mast was hoisted on January 23, 2016 at the historical Pahari Mandir in Ranchi by Union Defence MinisterCurrent General Knowledge From World Mr. Manohar Parrikar in presence of Jharkhand Chief Minister Mr. Raghubar Das and other leaders. The earliest tallest flag pole was in Faridabad. Incidentally, the sturdy 293- foot flagpole has been procured from Wal-Mart’s India unit in Pune. As a mark of respect to those freedom fighters, the national flag is traditionally raised at the temple every Republic Day and Independence Day. While Pahari Mandir is known for its historical temple of Lord Shiva, it was also used by the British to hang 250 freedom fighters. The 60-kg flag has dimensions of 66 feet by 99 feet. The flag pole stands at 293 feet (earlier highest in Faridabad was 250 feet) and is at 493 feet from the ground level.