All about west Asia

All about west Asia

Be embarking upon new stimula­ting activities, life will become more and more demanding and interesting for you. And you will become an even more interesting personality.

Another way to give refreshing novelty and robustness to your per­sonality is to challenge and question things connected with yourself and with others.

Get into the habit of posing questions to yourself like : Why is this as it is ? How long have things been like this ? Who or what is respon­sible ? Why is this required ? What justification is there for this ? For believing this ?

The more persistently you press home these questions, the more you will be prompted to think deeply and to pursue knowledge. If and why you approach others with such questions, you must do so with tact. Such activity on your part will lead you to become self-reliant, courageous, an independent thinker, and one capable of interesting conversation on a multitude of subjects.

The way to a person’s esteem is to boost his ego. This is most effecti­vely done by being generous in prais­ing him and showing him apprecia­tion.

The fact is that each of us longs to be significant. We crave for praise and appreciation. We are drawn as though under a spell to those who meet this basic need of our nature.

Similarly, others will be drawn to us as we meet their need.

Be ready, then, to give praise where it is deserved. Be prompt to show appreciation of hard work, enterprise, careful thought good organisation, skills and excellence in whatever form.

Be prompt, too with the graceful compliment which may sometimes be indirect or half-concealed. It must be emphasised that insincertiy and flattery are not being advocated. What is in mind is a sensitive aware­ness of merit and a thoughtful readiness to let the person concerned know that some worthy effort or attribute has not gone unspotted.

Always bear in mind that to refuse praise is to censure!

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Looking at things through the eyes of others is a certain way of developing understanding and sympathy. When others feel we have these qualities, they are bound but find us attractive.

This goodness also fosters tole­rance and friendliness whether in private, social or family spheres. There would be far fewer conflicts if this habit were to become commonly cultivated.

Others will always give favour­able assessments of our personalities when they discover that we have the ability to look at things from their point of view.


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strengthen their dialogue on regional security issues of mutual interest. Both countries agreed to fortify their efforts in international fora in the future, including by strengthening their cooperation in the framework of the Indian Ocean Rim Association. They desired to explore opportunities for South-South cooperation in sub- Saharan Africa, particularly through trade and investment, grants and loans, collaboration in trade and technology, and joint projects. These efforts shall be aimed at supporting the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.

At the end, the two leaders re­affirmed their commitment to build­ing a comprehensive strategic part­nership for the 21st century, noting that regular high-level exchanges play a key role in enhancing the partnership between India and the UAE. Thus, we are likely to see more such high level exchanges between the two countries in near future.


The region of West Asia holds special significance in the policy framework of rising India. Nearly seventy per cent of India’s energy needs are met from external sources. The region of West Asia plays a dominant role in the supply of oil and natural gas to India. The UAE is the gateway to West Asia. A large num­ber of Indians are living in West Asia and they are a source of considerable foreign exchange to India. India is equally concerned with their safety and welfare.

This needs active cooperation with the host countries. Strategically, the region of West Asia is in turmoil due to religious extremism and terro­rism, which also affects India as many of the terrorist groups active across India have their roots in West Asia. Besides, a rising India needs ample opportunities for her trade and investment and this region has ample scope for such opportunities. The UAE is like a gateway to reach West Asia. India has moved in the right direction by initiating the process of strategic partnership with UAE, which will prove mutually beneficial to both countries and would be helpful in protecting India’s core interest in the region.

The two leaders re-affirmed their commitment to building a compre­hensive strategic partnership for the 21st century, noting that regular high- level exchanges play a key role in enhancing the partnership between India and the UAE.

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