Founded in       : 1887 A.D.

Founder               : Shiv Narain Agnihotri


The Deva Samaj Movement was founded in 1887 A.D. in Lahore (now in Pakistan) by Shiv Narain Agni­hotri. Shiv Narain was also influenced bv* the teachings of the Brahmo Samaj. Deva Shastra is the book of teachings of the Deva Samaj. Like other socio-religious reform movements the Deva Samaj also worked to eradicate many evils prevalent in that time society like gambling, intoxications, violence etc.

Principles and Objectives

Major teachings and objectives of the Deva Samaj are as follows:

  • Deva Samaj believes in eternity of soul.

9 It believes in the existence of a ‘Supreme Power’.

  • It also recognizes the supremacy of the Guru.
  • It emphasizes a human life based on good deeds and principles.
  • The Deva Samaj prescribed ideal social conduct and moral ethics, such as not accepting bribe, abstaining from gambling, intoxications, violence etc.

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