Facts about 26th January Republic Day and Its Best Wishes

Facts about 26th January Republic Day and Its Best Wishes
January 26 a day that marks the moment that became the Constitution of India and from there in the country ran its own law and therefore came to be called as Republic Day. This Day of the Republic is of great importance to our country. Our independence came by Independent Law 1947 India on that day by the law of the United Kingdom Parliament which shares India under British rule which was now free to both areas of the common wealth of the nation India and Pakistan are and that is why with Independence Day and Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day is also an official national holiday.
Republic days stand out is its celebration; The biggest celebration takes place on the morning of January 26, a gigantic chic ceremonial parade that takes in the capital New Delhi in the nation in the most honest, Rajpath venue and is held to the President of India together with many other Invited country of our own country and also the main guest of one of the principle presidents on countries and gave the best wishes of Happy Republic Day, representativee and country delegates. The parade begins at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on Raisina Hill then moves along the Rajpath, the Gate of India past and which is where the ceremony proper begins, first provide honor by placing a crown through memories President Amar Jawan Jyoti of all those soldiers who fought for the country and died in the service of his country with honor. They even have 2 minutes of silence in memory of these soldiers to remember their efforts towards their country. From there, the president with the guest of honor of the ceremony was moved to the main stand at Rajpath and are escorted on horseback, and finally with the firing of weapons and parade music begins the parade.
Well outside New Delhi, the day is celebrated all over India with grace, beauty and humbly with the feeling of pride. In schools have a flag raising ceremony, where students come to the parade and also do a kind of dance in the famous songs that are dedicated to the country and freedom and all kinds of songs that highlight the pATRIOTIC feeling We even have some that are sung also all this happens before the main guest of honor of the ceremony and teachers, parents of students and other students while the school provide to students and all presented in this Sweet day like, Laddu and Peda de. Out in the streets and small villages neighborhood people come out to prepare a proper ceremony flag of awareness and how they pay their share to greet the country and for that particular day. Republic Day has a very precious sense in all the hearts of the Indians and these occasions are celebrated with great dignity, pride and a lot of emotions in our country.


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