Cartoon HD: here is a list of alternatives

Cartoon HD: here is a list of alternatives

The Cartoon HD app is one of the most competent, popular and efficient video streaming apps available for both Android and iOS devices. The app is simple to use and is usually very efficient at what it does. However, in case the app ever proves to be a hassle and not the comfort that it usually is, a list of alternative apps must be kept handy. We have prepared a list of alternative apps which provide the same features, are legal and are equally, if not more, efficient than the app which is clearly the star of the show. Without any further ado, let’s get down to business.

One, Vidmate. This very popular app is also available for both the platforms. It is a free application and will also let you watch TV shows, in addition to movies, besides other content all free of cost. The Vidmate app also has some of the popular features of the Cartoon HD app. Copy the URL of the video, or you can simply open the app and find it automatically. With the link in limbo, go straight to the right-hand upper corner and get yourself the lowdown of the download button. Press the button after you have pasted the link. Alternatively, you can save it using a =very handy password option. It is simple and extraordinarily safe to use. The privacy options of the Vidmate app is also very important when you are considering the positive options.

Two, Popcorn Time. As the name signifies, the Popcorn Time app is also very essential in having a decent movie-only time. The app is lightweight and does not have any bloating malware or other software which pop up from time to time and demand attention. The Popcorn Time movie streaming and download app is also very user-friendly as well as intuitive. If you like a movie, simply adding the title to the favourite list will ensure that you regain the happy times once again without any fuss. The Popcorn Time app is a very apt replacement to the Cartoon HD app and comes thoroughly recommended as well.

Up next is PlayBox. This app will allow the user to stream movies, all kinds of cartoons, trailers, TV shows, and national and international music videos all free of cost. Like the other popular apps on this page, the official site is not available. The PlayBoix app is also very efficient at what it does and will be an admirable alternative to the Cartoon HD app. Like the Cartoon HD app, this app too is not restricted to cartoons. A team of curators who work behind the scenes on this app also makes research redundant. If you have any trouble installing this app on your Android app, you will need to use an emulator like Bluestacks.And voila, you are done.The only issue we have with this otherwise great app is that the official support page sunk without a trace years ago. In these Orwellian times of technological misuse, we recommend that you set the privacy settings to a maximum in all the apps, including Cartoon HD.


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