Xbox 2: Wishlist

Xbox 2: Wishlist

The next generation super console is one of the hottest things to launch this year. When we mention super consoles, we mean two of the biggest giants in the gaming market today. With the Sony PlayStation 5 and the Xbox 2 going to launch, with the Microsoft Xbox 2 said to be launched before the end of the year, the fight is getting intense. We have also seen some leaked images and data specifying what the new Xbox 2 will look like and how well the Xbox 2 will feature. With the Xbox chief coming up with his own input that he has personally tried out many of the new features of the new Xbox 2, this is going to be a very good year for gaming enthusiasts.

The new Xbox 2 will be a monster of a machine. It will feature some of the best features that a tech enthusiast can possibly hope for. Nevertheless, we have come up with our own wishlist. The first on our men is a more advanced system specification as well as better computing power. The new console will be the most powerful one to date if the statements emanating from Microsoft are anything to go by. The new console is to be enormously powerful as well. We expect that the new Xbox 2 will come with an astounding 6 teraflops of GPU. This will be used to support VR as well as 4K gaming. Such specs are expected to make the Microsoft claim of “the most powerful console” come true. The Xbox 2 is also expected to arrive with an AMD Vega CPU besides a suitable 5GB of DDR5 RAM.

The next feature we hope will be on the Xbox 2 is backward compatibility. The backward compatibility feature will be of great use when we remember that the average lifecycle of a gaming console is around 7 years. This simply means that many users still retain their old Xbox One and the Xbox 360 consoles. Some users have even stated that they may not upgrade to the new Xbox 2 as they feel it is just another high-powered version of the existing Xbox One.

We also expect that the new Xbox 2 will be VR compatible. With VR headsets becoming cheaper and more popular, it stands to reason that the new Xbox 2 will support either the HTC Vive or even the Oculus Rift. With both of the new headsets in the market, the new Xbox 2 is spoilt for choice. The latest HoloLens VR headset technology which was in development by Microsoft has now been put on standby mode, although it has not yet been canceled. The VR compatible feature will also be very important if one keep in mind that many game developers have decided to hitch on the VR bandwagon.

Lastly, we believe that Microsoft will price the new Xbox 2 very conservatively. With many users unable to shell out too much for the new super console, a price of under $550 will be extremely user-friendly both for the average user as well as the gaming pro.


NBA 2K18-ways it can improve

NBA 2K18-ways it can improve

The new NBA 2K18 is one of the most anticipated games this year. A successor to the enormously popular NBA 2K17, the new game is being bolstered to have both online as well as offline gaming capabilities. The previous game in the series was released to widespread critical and commercial success and we have reason to believe that the new game will also be equally successful. That said, the room for improvement is always there and we list a few for the new NBA 2K18.

One, we can always count on a new engine. While the new Frostbite Engine for the NBA 2K17 was very good, a similar feature will alway work wonders. The new gaming engine for the NBA 2K18 will also aid in better graphics and better gameplay features. There has to be a reason for buying the renewed NBA games year after year and the upliftment of the engine may prove to be a good factor.

Two, we can always ask publishers 2K games to incorporate more historic teams to add a dash of nostalgia to the proceedings. The new game may well launch with more classic teams in addition to the ones we saw in the previous games. Teams, we want to see in the new NBA 2K18 include the 1995–96 Chicago Bulls, the late-’80’s Boston Celtics and the early-200’s LA Lakers. Even more foreign clubs on the roster will do good. We expect such historically significant sites like CSKA Moscow and the Real Madrid Baloncesto.

Next, we can always ask for better commentators for the new NBA 2K18. The existing setup has a lot of players represented by such icons like  Kevin Harlan, Shaquille O’Neal, and Doris Burke. We expect a roster of new players to come on board. We also expect that the superstar transfer method is made a little less complicated. A familiar incident comes to mind. In 2004, Vince Carter’s transfer to the NJ Nets is something is something very few can forget. Such a trade is presently not possible on the new game and NBA 2K18 will be the winner if it can replicate such critically acclaimed acquisitions.

The game can also be made a little more difficult. That way, we won’t lose every time we play the All Stars mode. The difficulty levels on the solo mode is a tad too easy to overcome. The player needs practice as well. The user has to overcome very simple levels at first and then the difficulty levels seem to perk up instantaneously. If there is a stage of buffering between the two types of gameplay, the stage is set for a more enriching NBA 2K18.

Our last suggestion has to do with the quality of graphics offered. We believe that the clipping observed in the existing game can be overcome if 2K Games sticks to better graphics. Besides the clipping, many face scans of popular players are also not up to the mark. The facial scans are all awry. In our humble opinion, this is one area which needs dollops of improvement.


Cartoon HD: here is a list of alternatives

Cartoon HD: here is a list of alternatives

The Cartoon HD app is one of the most competent, popular and efficient video streaming apps available for both Android and iOS devices. The app is simple to use and is usually very efficient at what it does. However, in case the app ever proves to be a hassle and not the comfort that it usually is, a list of alternative apps must be kept handy. We have prepared a list of alternative apps which provide the same features, are legal and are equally, if not more, efficient than the app which is clearly the star of the show. Without any further ado, let’s get down to business.

One, Vidmate. This very popular app is also available for both the platforms. It is a free application and will also let you watch TV shows, in addition to movies, besides other content all free of cost. The Vidmate app also has some of the popular features of the Cartoon HD app. Copy the URL of the video, or you can simply open the app and find it automatically. With the link in limbo, go straight to the right-hand upper corner and get yourself the lowdown of the download button. Press the button after you have pasted the link. Alternatively, you can save it using a =very handy password option. It is simple and extraordinarily safe to use. The privacy options of the Vidmate app is also very important when you are considering the positive options.

Two, Popcorn Time. As the name signifies, the Popcorn Time app is also very essential in having a decent movie-only time. The app is lightweight and does not have any bloating malware or other software which pop up from time to time and demand attention. The Popcorn Time movie streaming and download app is also very user-friendly as well as intuitive. If you like a movie, simply adding the title to the favourite list will ensure that you regain the happy times once again without any fuss. The Popcorn Time app is a very apt replacement to the Cartoon HD app and comes thoroughly recommended as well.

Up next is PlayBox. This app will allow the user to stream movies, all kinds of cartoons, trailers, TV shows, and national and international music videos all free of cost. Like the other popular apps on this page, the official site is not available. The PlayBoix app is also very efficient at what it does and will be an admirable alternative to the Cartoon HD app. Like the Cartoon HD app, this app too is not restricted to cartoons. A team of curators who work behind the scenes on this app also makes research redundant. If you have any trouble installing this app on your Android app, you will need to use an emulator like Bluestacks.And voila, you are done.The only issue we have with this otherwise great app is that the official support page sunk without a trace years ago. In these Orwellian times of technological misuse, we recommend that you set the privacy settings to a maximum in all the apps, including Cartoon HD.




Dr. T. M. Nair, the Raja of Panagal and Sri Pitti Theagaraja Chettiar organised the first Non-Brahminical organisation called South Indian Federation, which later came to be commonly known as the Justice Party in November 1916. The demand for reservation was raised for the first time in India when the Party demanded the representation of non-Brahmins in government jobs. The Justice Party propagated its views and ideology through its newspaper named Justice. The Justice Party was con­sidered to be an organised reaction against Brahminical domination over the Hindu Society. The chief aim of the party was to fight against the evils of untouchability and deprivation of some sections of the society from their common human rights. The Party basically focussed on the social equality to all and opposed any discrimination against the weaker sections especially caste-based of the Hindu society.


Election of Ramaswamy Naicker as the President of the Justice Party in 1937 A.D. gave a new zeal and vigour to the organisation. It became more reactionary in its tone and style of working. Naicker denounced Hinduism as an instrument of Brahminical control, the laws of Manu as inhuman and the Puranas as fairy tales. He also opposed imposition of Hindi on South India. During his period the Justice Party launched severe ideological onslaughts against Brahminical dominance.

The main contribution of Justice Party was the passing of a government order in 1930 which provided reservations for various groups including non-Brahmins. In 1944, the Justice Party became Dravida Kazhagam. Ramaswamy Naicker’s followers called him a Thanthai (father) and Periyar (Great soul).