NBA 2K18-ways it can improve

NBA 2K18-ways it can improve

The new NBA 2K18 is one of the most anticipated games this year. A successor to the enormously popular NBA 2K17, the new game is being bolstered to have both online as well as offline gaming capabilities. The previous game in the series was released to widespread critical and commercial success and we have reason to believe that the new game will also be equally successful. That said, the room for improvement is always there and we list a few for the new NBA 2K18.

One, we can always count on a new engine. While the new Frostbite Engine for the NBA 2K17 was very good, a similar feature will alway work wonders. The new gaming engine for the NBA 2K18 will also aid in better graphics and better gameplay features. There has to be a reason for buying the renewed NBA games year after year and the upliftment of the engine may prove to be a good factor.

Two, we can always ask publishers 2K games to incorporate more historic teams to add a dash of nostalgia to the proceedings. The new game may well launch with more classic teams in addition to the ones we saw in the previous games. Teams, we want to see in the new NBA 2K18 include the 1995–96 Chicago Bulls, the late-’80’s Boston Celtics and the early-200’s LA Lakers. Even more foreign clubs on the roster will do good. We expect such historically significant sites like CSKA Moscow and the Real Madrid Baloncesto.

Next, we can always ask for better commentators for the new NBA 2K18. The existing setup has a lot of players represented by such icons like  Kevin Harlan, Shaquille O’Neal, and Doris Burke. We expect a roster of new players to come on board. We also expect that the superstar transfer method is made a little less complicated. A familiar incident comes to mind. In 2004, Vince Carter’s transfer to the NJ Nets is something is something very few can forget. Such a trade is presently not possible on the new game and NBA 2K18 will be the winner if it can replicate such critically acclaimed acquisitions.

The game can also be made a little more difficult. That way, we won’t lose every time we play the All Stars mode. The difficulty levels on the solo mode is a tad too easy to overcome. The player needs practice as well. The user has to overcome very simple levels at first and then the difficulty levels seem to perk up instantaneously. If there is a stage of buffering between the two types of gameplay, the stage is set for a more enriching NBA 2K18.

Our last suggestion has to do with the quality of graphics offered. We believe that the clipping observed in the existing game can be overcome if 2K Games sticks to better graphics. Besides the clipping, many face scans of popular players are also not up to the mark. The facial scans are all awry. In our humble opinion, this is one area which needs dollops of improvement.